I want to thank you for taking the time to stop for a moment in your day to get to know a little bit more about me.

I am running to be your first woman and next President of United States.





I have been married for 29 years, working through challenges and have the pleasure of raising six amazing children, which I  also had the pleasure of homeschooling.

I have two Chefs, one Digital Artist, one Gunsmith, one laborer/electrician and one movie and song writer.

My life journey has taken me from being a single mom of three to being married with six children, a grandmother of 7 and a great-grandmother of one, to becoming a community advocate and leader.



Though  am very cultured, I see myself as an American woman and I act accordingly. I am an advocate for my fellow man and woman and enjoy working within and for my community and country.

My 40 years of life experience along with education and work experience, as well as  25 years of being in these amazing political leadership rooms have given me the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of how to navigate the top administrative office of our country.

My Executive Secretarial skills and being the Chancellor of Black Wallstreet Institute, past President of South Fulton Republican women's club, President of American Independence women's club and President of South Fulton Human Services Coalition, I strive to make sure that the citizens across United States understand their role as voters.

I am an educator, executive business owner, skilled logistical architect and Attorney in Fact with executive secretarial skills.

I am verse in foreign language and  I know how to bridge government and community, this is just a few things I wanted to let you know about me, so you know that I have the skills and experience to run the top administrative office in America and will chose the best America has to offer to run my cabinet to make sure your voices are heard in the wells of the Senate and Congress.  


4585 Spring Valley Parkway

COSF,  GA 30349





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