Her Constitutional Stance

Fair. Moral. Just.

This great country of ours has been built on a structure that allows the people, "WE THE PEOPLE", to lead in a way that will make sure that representatives that we hire/elect represent the needs, wants and desires of those from whom they receive consent. 

The idea that a government's legitimacy and moral right to use state power is justified and lawful only when consented by the people or society over which that political power is exercised.

For some presidential candidates this is a deal breaker, Not for Madame President Payne, "For not for the people their would be no government to govern".

               "CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED"

Law  and


Pursuit of Happiness

Liberty and it's citizens:


Liberty, the privilege of each and every American citizen. 

We have the ability to do as one pleases or a right of immunity enjoyed by prescription or by Grant, all while practicing our rules and values that were prescribed to us under the Bill of Rights and the Bill of Responsibilities.

           Rules and Values

It is of the utmost importance to presidential candidate Payne, as a citizen and as your president, for this privilege to be heard and seen through the practice of your First Amendment rights.


             Do not Trend

As your President she will assure you that your liberty will not be trampled upon.

 You will be able to enjoy the rights that were prescribed for you per the Constitution, as  God-given, and no governmental office at no level will be able to take away what you have honestly worked so hard for in this country, on her watch!



Soaring through birth you were given the right to Freedom

It is the mere meaning of the quality or state of being free, from the necessity, coercion, or constraint in your choices or action.

You are liberated from slavery or from being under the power of another.

In this country we have removed the barriers for all individuals to be free in this country and not be subjected to someone's else's ideals or mental control.

Soar freely in your Freedom

Madame President Payne

                       Your First American Woman President.

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